The gunbarrel is an economical and low maintenance method of treating oil when properly applied.

Production enters the inlet flume section at the top of the tank. Solution gas is vented from the top of the flume or equalized to storage. The oil and water travels downward through a down comer pipe and is dispersed by a spreader plate. Free water remains in the lower section and the oil travels upward. Adequate oil retention time allows entrained water to settle out and be discharged through the drain or siphon. Clean oil at the top spills over the oil outlet and flows to storage.

The gunbarrel is applicable only where chemical and retention time alone will treat the oil. In a gunbarrel application there is no gas pressure to dump the oil and water. The vessel must be tall enough for the oil to gravity flow to storage. If considerable gas is present and/or gas is to be sold, a separator will be required ahead of the gunbarrel.


  • 1-Internal flume w/ spreader plate
  • 1-8″ Pressure vacuum thief
  • 1-Outside ladder – uncaged
  • 3-Sets 48″ gauge glass assy.
  • 1-Concrete base on 4′ and 6′ dia.-
    larger sizes are set on tank pad w/ tarpaper furnished


  • 1-Interior coatings
  • 1-Flanges or grooved fittings
  • 1-Thief hatch on 4′ and 6′
  • 1-Caged ladder w/ platform
  • 1-Walkway and stairway in lieu of ladder
  • 1-Outside flume
  • 1-Power oil specifications
  • 1-Firebox for heated GB

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